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short101 07-17-2004 04:19 AM

Automount help
Another question about mounting devices. I was running gnome but recently switched to kde. With gnome, when I put a cd in it would come up on the dektop. Now with kde I have to mount and unmount it everytime I change it. Ive tried editing fstab to auto load it and that works ( change noauto to auto) but then I cant unmount it without becoming root. That wouldnt bother me if I could eject and change cd's but I cant do that. So then I edited fstab back to noauto, and its for user not owner, so now I can mount it and unmount it as user, but was wondering what I have to do to get it to automount and then be able to change cd's. I had a look at the automount man page but dont really understand the commands that I have to give it (map type, map) Is there a command line that I can feed it to automount my cdrom? Or does anyone know of a very basic newb friedly tutorial that covers this?

corbis_demon 07-17-2004 12:03 PM

you need to have autorun installed on your system.Just type autorun at the console to start the daemon.

short101 07-17-2004 08:23 PM

O.k. I have autorun installed and I just checked, its the latest version. I even have a button for it under accesories in the main menu. When I click it, it comes up with a button on the tool bar with the hour glass and then dissapears after about 15 secs. When I type autorun from the terminal, nothing appears to happen. Then when I try to open my cdrom from the link I have on my desktop, I get the same old answer, only root can do that. Just tried starting autorun again from the terminal, and it says its already running, but when I put a cd in, it spins up and then stops. I already have user in my fstab and added exec to it as well as per the man page, but still no joy. It also says something about using autorun.desktop by adding it to my autostart file. What do I have to add? just autorun.desktop?

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