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jawest 01-10-2011 05:44 PM

Automating administrative tasks in Fedora 10
Peace and Love all,

I am a student at DeVry University, newly introduced to Fedora and Linux in general, and have a project whereby, we have been asked to consider some administrative tasks that we could automate via a script.

I was wondering if there were any thoughts or directives from the community on what admin tasks you guys find to be of inestimable use in automating via a Linux script.

I am new to the Linux commands but have done a wee bit of programming before in C++ and others.

I have also done basic DOS batch files before...

Any web resources and pointers would be much appreciated.

Tinkster 01-10-2011 06:31 PM

Hi, welcome to LQ!

Two things that instantaneously spring to mind:

Log monitoring
Log rotation (if not already part of your distro)


John VV 01-10-2011 06:59 PM

hi jawest

You are aware that fedora 10 is a dead version .
It hit it's END OF LIFE last year
There will NEVER be any new software for it .
There is NO support for 10
There never will be any updates to it .
New software from other places( like firefox4 ) WILL NOT run on it( ff 3.6.13- the current might not even run).

and even installing rpms form the OLD fedora10 repo will require that you edit yum to point to the HISTORICAL archives

that post is not keep up to date so you will have to correct for 10 instead of 9

"Log rotation"
fedora uses cron for the log rotation default is 30 days

not many things ,that have not already , need a new script
1)software update ?
but seeing as 10 has not had any released in over a year and that there will NEVER be any ,that is NEVER to be an issue in 10

2)running ClamAV for MS viruses on a mail server
that is already taken care of by a daemon

this one maybe
adding new users to an extended network
adding and restricting there SELinux permissions for the new users
-- that can be a pain if you need to do it for 50 new users

mr.b-o-b 01-10-2011 09:01 PM

The first thing that comes to mind that hasn't been mentioned is backups.

Depending what your running on your box, you should automate some kind of backup solution (to a remote ftp, external hdd, usb drive, file server what ever you have at your disposal).

Good Luck!

chrism01 01-11-2011 01:30 AM

These links may help you learn Linux:

PS As per JohnVV, get yourself an up to date distro eg Fedora 14 or Centos 5.5

jawest 01-14-2011 06:30 PM

Much obliged family for your rapid response
I truly appreciate you all taking the time to provide me with some excellent feedback...still kicking around some ideas but the adding users with appropriate permissions, as well as, backing up maybe old users files and saving the actions to an appendable log file, sounds like a great composite of your thoughts on the matter.

Again thanks for listening and responding.

Ja West

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