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ksun 01-19-2005 04:20 PM

Tink, I looked through the active threads and couldn't find anything, then I did a search. Guess which thread it came up with? And the information wasn't a complete answer, so I thought I would put in a response and see if there was any more relavent info.

I have seen some of your comments on other threads and I have found them to be very helpful, I just thought your comments on this one weren't contributing to the user's (and my) problem. I still think you were more obstructionist on this one than helpful, and I think equating telling someone a way to login as root to giving someone nuclear launch codes is melodromatic.

But you are a mod and I am not, so I will take your warning in stride.

Trickykid and Homey, thanks for your valuable input and HELP.

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