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sellsw1711 03-14-2004 11:55 PM

Aterm background coloring
I appreciate everyones help with all my aterm issues. I have another one. Now that it is working, the pictures in the background come thorough messed up. The colors are all jacked up. They are distorted with almost hot spots kind of. If anyone has seen any movie showing infrared scenes (predator), it is kind of like that. I don't know if there is something I can do, or if it is my graphics card.
Please help a novice

Zero-0-Effect 03-15-2004 02:40 AM

If you set the background as red and transparent things will have a red tint to them.
Not sure if this is what your referring to or not...

Crashed_Again 03-15-2004 03:14 AM

Perhaps a screenshot of this might help us. As Zero-0-Effect said, if you tint the tranparent background everything will have a red tint to it. So if you have something green on your desktop it will look blue in aterm(Red+Green=Blue(I think)).

sellsw1711 03-15-2004 11:55 AM

I tried someone's script and it took the bad coloring off the screen. I am just wondering though, does anyone know how to change the background in slackware. I know everything is terminal. That and changing the resolution as well.

arrruken 03-15-2004 12:31 PM

It depends on what WM you use. I use Gnome and you just right click on the desktop. As far as your resolutions, that is handled with XF86config. It will ask you for default resolutions and color depths, and you can cycle through them once the WM is loaded by ctrl+ or ctrl-. If you use kde it should be similar and simple to change the background. Pick your WM with wmconfig.

Zero-0-Effect 03-15-2004 05:42 PM

I use the fluxbox wm and do in terminal for example bsetbg -solid black to give a uniform black background.

sellsw1711 03-15-2004 10:57 PM

I use flux as well, and I am wanting to put some nice pic on the background. Can you give me specifics on how to make this happen.

Dabria 03-15-2004 11:23 PM

bsetbg -f /path to your pic

You can also set it in ~/.fluxbox/init so that it sets that wallpaper on startup.
Just locate the line that starts with session.screen0.rootCommand and put in the bsetbg command.

session.screen0.rootCommand: bsetbg -f /path to your pic

Save, Exit, Relog in Flux and that should do it.

sellsw1711 03-16-2004 05:13 PM

Do you know which directory it is kept in so I can change it permanently.

Dabria 03-16-2004 08:50 PM


Do you know which directory it is kept in so I can change it permanently.
If your talking about .fluxbox/init it should be hidding in your home directory.

/home/your username name/.fluxbox/init

Don't forget the . in front of .fluxbox

sellsw1711 03-16-2004 09:33 PM

I appreciate the help

sellsw1711 03-16-2004 09:35 PM

I dont know why, but I looked in the home direc and it is not there. Is there an alternative place it could be?

Dabria 03-17-2004 12:40 PM

Are you saying that .fluxbox is not in the home directory or that you can't find the init file in .fluxbox?

If your doing "ls" in your home directory then .fluxbox won't show up.

Try the following in your home directory

ls -al

That will show you all the directories/files including the hidden ones. I'm no guru or even anywhere close but if you installed Fluxbox then the .fluxbox directory pretty much has to be in your home directory as far as I understand it.

sellsw1711 03-17-2004 08:40 PM

i found it and edited it and it did not show my pic. do you know why?

sellsw1711 03-17-2004 08:58 PM

I got it work while I am logged in, but it wont stay permanently. Any ideas of how I can make this happen.

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