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SnoozeButton 12-19-2000 04:18 PM

my ethernet card is an NE2000 ISA 10BaseT card and mandrake detects it and shows it in the drake hardware profile, ive entered everything in linuxconf for my networking and it still wont work, any ideas anyone?

athon_solo 12-20-2000 05:11 AM

What r u on about?
Could u just clarify whether this a problem with ur LAN or with ur Internet connection (in which case, pls supply info. on what ur settings are).
Athon Solo

Rage 12-21-2000 11:14 PM

When I first installed Mandrake it detected my cards also, however I noticed that it was using the wrong driver. You should be able to look up your card on any Linux hardware site and make sure that you are using the correct driver for your card.

sambusyb 04-15-2001 05:19 PM

Similar problem
I have AT&T @home service and an external cable modem. The modem is blue and upright it says "DOXport 111" and "COM21". I also have Mandrake 7.1 (from ISO image) installed. Can someone please help me to connect to the internet?

trickykid 04-15-2001 10:38 PM

Hey sambusyb,

Do you connect with your cable modem with and ethernet card or with USB, if with USB, your pretty much outof luck right now. With ethernet, its just a matter of getting your NIC working and then off you go onto the internet.

tfrye 04-17-2001 03:30 PM

When I first installed Linux, I had a hard time getting my network card to work with my @home. Later I found out it was my BIOS.. it was set to PnP enabled. I changed it to no, and everything worked as it should.

KE1HA 04-19-2001 01:46 AM

tfrye -
You said you have ATT@Home right. Im having a problem with E-Mail on RH-6.2 & 7.0x. Are you using your ATT e-mail account ? If so are your mail servers "mail"..?? Mine are suposed to be, but for the life of me I cant seem to get Linux to connect to the "mail" server.



trickykid 04-19-2001 06:00 AM

Most of the problems I have seen with getting a cable modem working is actually getting the ethernet card to work. Once anyone gets that working, from there it should be basically standard getting all your configurations setup.
Best resource with ethernet cards is the howto at

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