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sabaka 09-13-2003 10:05 PM

Arg! Can't config. and install the kernal, help!
***WARNING, sort of long, you MAY skip all the text, and just answer "First question" and "Second question" and, if you want, "Overall question"***

I have just failed, for the second time today, installing the kernal. Arrr!

I bought RedHat 9 and just installed it last week. However, I can't really do very much because the only internet access I have on my computer is via WLAN, which is not officially supported by RedHat 9 (I think). I download the drivers and intended to install them. However, the README file for the WLAN drivers told me that I first must configure my kernal. I went to /usr/src only to find NOTHING, no linux folder as the README promised. OK. I added the entire developer package through the Add/Remove program and now have /usr/scr/linux-2.4.20-6 (something like that).

Next fatal move. I go to the command console and type 'make config'. I recieve this mean message back: 'Access denied'. I log on as the user (from the Authentication "control panel thing" in the system settings folder inside the "start" menu). I try 'make config' again and still the same error.

First question:
Ok. Access is forever denied. Right? Is my access (in the /usr/src folder) to changing, renaming, configuring, etc. PERMENENTLY DENIED, EVEN AS ROOT??

I try to be smart and copy over the entire linux directory to my /home/name folder. This time 'make xconfig' works beautifully. After 'Save and Exit' I entered 'make dep', 'make clean', and 'make bzlilo'.

Second question:
If I ONLY have GRUB boot program, not LILO boot program, can I still 'make bzlilo'. IF I DO NOT HAVE LILO BOOT PROGRAM SHOULD I INSTEAD ENTER THIS: 'make bzImage'?????

Even if I enter 'make bzlilo' (which I did, both failed times) I still recieve beautifully complex output.

Next I type 'make modules'. This works great. Then I type 'make modules_install'. BOOM.

After 'make modules_install' my progress ends. I once again recieve my favorite 'Access denied', error, etc.

Overall question:
Can anyone please help me? What have I done so wrong? I am very very new to linux, and without internet I feel I really can't progress. Going to the other computer (2 floors down) is not very fun. Can anyone please answer my TWO QUESTIONS? Any extra info or tips would be very appriciated.

Thanks in advance, again sorry for the length.

PS. Sorry for any typos. Time is not on my side right now.

DrOzz 09-13-2003 10:14 PM

here is how you compile a kernel

sabaka 09-14-2003 08:52 AM

Sorry but one more question:
If I already have the source code in the usr/src folder (where my access is denied) can I erase it (because it is pretty useless, I would rather use the linux folder in my /home folder)??

Thanks for the link, I will go check it out ASAP (sorry for not searching prior to making this thread).

sabaka 09-14-2003 10:22 AM

Still one HUGE problem I can't fix.

The guide is really cool but I can't use it. It still tells me my 'permission denied'. I can't change, rename or erase anything in the /usr/src folder. I can't 'make config', 'rm' or erase via X Windows. Why??? How can I give myself access to modify the folder usr/src. I am logged in as root (through start > system setting > authentication). Help!

sabaka 09-14-2003 10:56 AM

OOoooooo. I figured out EVERYTHING. I am so stupid. You can log in as: root/root-password. Wow! I can CHANGE EVERYTHING. Wow. This changes everything. Greatness. Sorry for wasting so much forum space.

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