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jak2586 10-13-2006 10:22 AM

Apache2 and Phpbb2 on Ubunutu
Hey guys,

I've installed apache on my ubuntu breezy server, being a newbie i love the apt-get feature on ubuntu. Installing apache was easy and worked without problems, i now have a idea for a website i would like to start up which i would need a message board. Phpbb2 was the natural choice from my experience, i also installed this with apt-get.

A friend who was helping me out told me to link the phpbb2 directory to /var/www which i have. However i still dont find anything with http://localhost/phpbb2

I am thinking this is because i pointed my apache start page to a directory in my home space. My index.htm is in /home/linbox instead of /var/www

Any help or feedback would be great, i would just like to find phpbb2 on localhost so i can work from their to create a site. I have not configured phpbb2 at all, its only configuration is the apt-get default.


griffey 10-13-2006 04:41 PM

If Apache is using /home/linbox as the root web directory, then you'll need to move the phpbb2 directory into that directory, not /var/www.

Then you should see it at localhost/phpbb2.

Hope that helps. Good luck.


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