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tadd 10-28-2003 01:58 PM

Anyone Know anything about asterisk telcom
background on project:
i was going to replace my existing home phone wiring because its about 30 yrs old and sounds like crap, dial up is slow with it too. I decide if i'm gonna do this i might as well go with a telphone system so i searched and found a free softwear based linux telecom stuff, asterisk. I don't have a sound card installed in the system cause it will be used as a server for the telecom and files. For analoge phones i canuse a normal internal modem, i reinstalled slackware 9.* and it seemed to have found it but i don't know how to even test if the system sees it. i run gnome but the new version in slack dosn't have a dialer,

so if anyone has any idea on the soft* itself or can help me install the modem, i have a have four isa and one pci dial modems one which is plug/play. This is a definite newbie type problem but I've been away from linux fora few months so i forgot everything, it happends when the system works so great as a server and asterisks . org

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