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jojojo 06-25-2006 01:57 PM

Any MySQL GUI app. software?
I have search through google for mysql gui app. like the phpmyadmin and found out that there's SQLYOG and MySQL browser, but could'nt find where to download the Linux version. Is there any other mysql gui app?

w3bd3vil 06-25-2006 02:06 PM

I thought linux was all about command line.

Tinkster 06-25-2006 02:25 PM

Go search on instead.


Gato Azul 06-25-2006 03:16 PM

If you've already got a web server with php support set up then you might want to check out phpMyAdmin. They've got a couple demos that you can play around with on the site to see if it'll fit your needs or not.

Hope that helps! :cool:

jojojo 06-26-2006 05:27 AM

Ok. I have downloaded the phpmyadmin. How to access it in the browser?

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