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chrisshep 11-17-2007 06:35 PM

another xbox network question
I want to put a network storage device on a small home network (3 thinks). one is and Xbox 360 two is a D-Link DNS-323 three is a laptop running XP home.

Here is a paragraph written in a cnet review.

At its heart, the D-Link DNS-323 is an embedded Linux device. This is given away by the fact that the thing comes with a warning that NTFS and FAT32 aren't supported, a printed copy of the General Public Licence -- GPL is championed by free software and Linux adherents -- and that the drives are formatted in EXT2. For those who are scratching their heads at this, don't worry, all it means is that the device is almost as easy to use as simply plugging it in. [/I]

Will the xbox see my files if I cut and paste them from my XP home equipped PC?

If not is there some software to convert the files to EXT2 format easily?

acid_kewpie 11-18-2007 11:34 AM

the fact that is is a linux based system is irrelevant, it's just about the interfaces between the boxes on the network. it depends on what the xbox can use, so check the manuals for both bits of kit and see if they support at least one common protocol, e.g uPNP. linux doens't enter the equation until you rip the box open and try to put your windows harddrive into it.

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