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tubbyucub 01-29-2003 01:26 PM

Another question on installing Mandrake 9.0
Hi all,

I am also a complete newbie to Linux and this is my first posting on this forum.

I am intending to have a dual system.

1st question:
My PS/2 mouse was not responding at all during installation and I had to use the keyboard to navigate around, quite tedious for me and certain options were not accessible without mouse. I had already disabled the PNP OS option in BIOS. What went wrong?

2nd question:
This question was asked before but I am not very clear about the solutions provided. I have 2 HDDs, both are masters on each IDE. The first HDD has 3 partitions, one of which has Windows XP installed and the other one is blank. I am intending to install Mandrake into this empty 2nd HDD without affecting anything on the first HDD. I was offered 3 options: 1)Erase entire disk; 2)Use free space available on the Windows partition 3)Custom partition. Which one should I choose?

I tried option 3 but was confused as I only managed to find 3 partitions, something like mdb/win_c; /mdb/win_d etc..... The disk letter for the 2nd HDD was "D"

Please help.

Thanks in advance!

finegan 01-29-2003 01:32 PM

The device of the second drive should be /dev/hdc if its the second IDE master, the Windows Drive will be /dev/hda, just choose to zap everything on /dev/hdc and ignore /dev/hda and it shouldn't touch it.

Also, future reference, when asking about installing... what distro and version?

The mouse problem certain is a little odd, but quirks like that show up constantly in installs... and they're a terrible headache to debug, as it usually takes a Linux system to debug one... and well, you haven't got one yet!



tubbyucub 01-29-2003 09:49 PM

Thanks Finegan.

So is there anything that I can do about the mouse problem?

rhett121 01-30-2003 01:18 AM

It looked like the questions TOPIC was called "another question on installing MANDRAKE 9.0" isn't that the "distro and version?"

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