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infantpenguin 01-28-2005 08:36 PM

another pctel question... but I AM a BIT further
I humbly request help. I just started linux (mandrake). After 4 days I have nearly figured out how to run the pctel driver (?) for the win (loser) modem I have, in my dell inspiron 5100. it says it is pctel 2304wt v.9x mdc intel dbr/bbm. I use the little screen thing in mandrake to get root going and I follow the wonderful cookbook from pctel download. It does a bunch of lines and then spits out that I have a too advanced kernel. What do I do? Also how do I set my internal wireless card up? it is a dell truemobile 1400... I tried downloading this wrapper thing but when I went to unzip or unlinuxzip whatever that's called it, it said that there was an error... so did I get a bad copy? this seems unlikely since this unzip error happened with some of the other files I downloaded.


infantpenguin 01-28-2005 09:54 PM

Actually wait the message was this:

configure error mmodversion.h is missing you should configure your kernel first

what does this mean ands how precisely do I do this?


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