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dewi9uk 12-02-2009 12:31 PM

another newbie trying slax puppy
I have got a Thinkpad 600E out of a skip. It actually works and I have upgraded the RAM to 256M and the cpu to a Pentium 450 mmc2.

I downloaded an iso of slax puppy and got it running before writing it on to the 3 gig(!) hard drive. I partitioned the drive into three bits - first was 2.4 gig ext2 for system and anything else, second was 512meg swapfile ext2, remainder is for bits also ext2.

Eventually I got the grub loader sorted and can now boot off the drive. It first asks me if I want to load Linux - I suppose that is correct ? The desktop is xorg to try and save system resources.

Obviously the sound does not work yet - it seems a given on old thinkpads using the crystal audio chips. I still do not know the actual device in the machine - it may be the 46xx or 42xx - no idea.

Anyway, I have searched the net to try and find out how to patch the bootup files for audio but to no avail.

Using the editor provided 'geany?' I can look at the files in the /etc/directory (may be wrong terminology here) and edit them. However the code does not seem like the code given in examples - has 'alias =' bits everywhere.

Has anyone done a brief writeup on the bootup files - layout, what does what, order of loading ?

I would like to sort this and am not worried about trying things having started with customising cp/m back in the 1970's.

All advice and information gratefully received.

onebuck 12-02-2009 01:38 PM


Welcome Back!

Since 'Slax' is based on Slackware you could look at 'SlackwareŽ rc init tour' to get a idea how 'Slax' is working during init.

Actually I wouldn't want to go back to the days of 'CP/M' let alone 'DOS'. :) I like having a 'UNIX' like OS that's FREE.

The above link and others can be found at 'Slackware-Links'. More than just SlackwareŽ links!

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