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Jongi 02-21-2004 08:24 AM

And now it goes pear shaped
Used Mandrake Control Center (KDE 3.1) to install libkdeadmin1-3.1.3-79.1.92mdk.i586.rpm. I was told dependencies had to be installed. Selected okay. I was told packages would have to be removed. Selected okay. Usually after Control Center installs rpm it refreshes the screen and those rpms are no longer listed under the install package section. However this did not happen this time. When I clicked on install again, it would tell me the same packages need to be removed. After clicking okay, it immediatley returns to the install rpms section with the rpms still listed. At this point I rebooted.

Then it wouldn't start in GUI mode and i ran startx from the console. The following the happens:

Using authority file /home/jongi/.Xauthority
Writing authority file /home/jongi/.Xauthority
Using authority file /home/jongi/.Xauthority
Writing authority file /home/jongi/.Xauthority

execve failed for /etc/X11/X (errno2)
giving up.
xinit: No such file or directory (errno 2): unable to connect to X server
xinit: No such process (errno 3): Server error.

What has happened and how do i fix it?

Jongi 02-21-2004 07:58 PM

No one know or is my explanation not clear?

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