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Homerous 07-02-2006 08:54 PM

Amule installation
I'm running Suse 10.1 on an AMD system and I had installed Amule 2.1.3 without any problems.
I had downloaded the .rpm file and installed it with the "open with install software" option. For some reason I decided to rearrange and reformat my hard drive and install Linux again. Everything ok, reinstalled everything without problems, but when triying to install Amule again I get the following message:
"Installing[Local packages]
There are no installable providers of for[Local packages]"

I'm wondering what has changed and the same .rpm file refuses to install, on the same computer, same system. I even downloaded the "" (did not have to download it the first time)but I get this error:
Installing[Local packages]
There are no installable providers of wxGTK-devel for[Local packages]

Can someone please tell me how this can be happening? Why none of these things happened the first time I installed SUSE and everything worked fine and now it doesn't work? I've already spent too many hours trying to find out what is wrong and I would really appreciate your help.
Thanks in advance!

chief_officer 07-03-2006 08:38 AM

Dear Homerous,


There are no installable providers of for
You have a dependency problem: aMule needs libbfd to be installed, however YaST can't find a package that provides this library.

Here is how you can solve the problem:

1. Open YaST, go to Add/Remove Software (I think this is called "software management" in SuSE 10.x series). In the search box type libbfd and check the box named "provides". This will bring up a search result which provides the Install the file, and then try to install aMule.

2. If search results return nothing, search for binutils. Binutils provides the package /usr/lib/

3. If the above does not succeed, then go to and search for libbfd-2.16. You will find many sites that you can download the rpm for SuSE 10.


There are no installable providers of wxGTK-devel for
Another dependency problem. Install wxGTK-devel- (search for GTK in YaST).


Homerous 07-03-2006 11:55 AM

Thank for your advice. I'll try everything.

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