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bobo333 08-27-2006 12:51 PM

amd64 vs IA32 linux versions: can programs be incompatible
I was trying to install a progtam (T-coffee a program aligning DNA and proteins sequences) on my SUSE 10.0. I followed the instructions coming with the program but during the installation I noticed that many lines scrolling quickly in the window indicating errors and warnings. I couldn`t catch their meaning. There was no error message at the end of the process. The binary file obtained at the end didn`t work. The same happened for another program (dialing 2.2). My questions are:

1. My linux is an AMD64 version. I didn`t know what I was doing during linux installation but I don`t recall any possible choice. I think Suse 10.0 automatically chose AMD64 (my processor is indeed and AMD64). Is it possible that those programs are incompatible with my linux version?
2. Could I force the installation of a 32 bit version?
3. any other suggestion to make them work?

Tinkster 08-27-2006 02:10 PM

Yes, you can't just use 32-bit stuff with 64-bit libraries. There's
two things you could try: a) install a 32-bit environment within your
64-bit one (much like a chroot jail) or b) try to compile your programs
from source and hope that they don't need too much modification.

Of course there MAY be RPMs somewhere that match your system.


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