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kirmet 09-12-2005 01:35 AM

alternative grub removal / apt-get massacre?
hi all

i had some fun yesterday with my linux part. althought im not quite sure what my poor linux
i did some _hysterical_ apt-get upgrade, update, install and everything else i could do :D
without knowing what im doing of course how a good noob should do it.

so right now there is my messed up linux status

its starting in a window about 320x200 as #root.
the key mapping is somehow messed up
and a few other stuff. thats from my ibm thinkpad t41.
i wasnt able to switch to my normal keys.

so anyways this was the history. :D

right now i want to set up my partition again.
i have dual boot windows xp / linux.
now in windows can i somehow just delete the linux part. and recover der mbr
without booting?
or do i need to load in dos and do the mbr fixing?
its just i have no disk drive and god knows where my win cd is. *looking under the bed*
ok that is the first qeustion.

second question is for preventing myself from the doom of maniac updating.
how sould an update in linux be done.
i am using knoppix / debian kernel and i really like the
adp-get .....

i mean in this case ( and i hope i wont get killed in a very bloody way when writing this )
is there a win>system/software section in linux?
:D where i can see what i have installed and how to remove it?

i will NOT let myself be defeated by the demon of updates.

J_K9 09-12-2005 01:43 AM

Try the Synaptic Package Manager next is a very good front-end for apt, and will help to get you going! ;)

As for the Windows thing, I'm slightly confused... As soon as you insert the Windows disc and install Windows again, it'll destory the MBR and put its own one on it. So, are you planning to erase your current linux partition, then put Windows XP on half your drive and then Linux on the other half?

Windows XP will automatically put its MBR on your PC as soon as you install it (at least that's what's always happened in my case. If not go into "Recovery mode" with the XP boot disk and type in "fixmbr"). Then, I'm not sure if Knoppix will do so automatically when you install it, but it might magically add your Windows partition to GRUB once that gets installed on the MBR again (like Ubuntu does).

I hope I've answered everything. If not, please reply and ask some more, but try to be a bit clearer ;)


kirmet 09-12-2005 01:53 AM

whuupps ... sry for the unclear question and thx for the first answer :D

erm right now i have dual boot.
and i am in windows right now .. so what i want to do is ...

erase the partition
restore mbr (because of grub)
and reinstall linux

i know how to do it with a windows cd but can i restore the mbr while beeing in windows? :D

so the main question is how to remove grub without windows cd or a floppy drive. well i have one but i dont want to use it :D

J_K9 09-12-2005 01:57 AM

Erasing the partition - wouldn't it be better to do that when you're installing Linux? That way you could just erase it and create a new one over it without the fuss of prior partition deletion (from third-party programs). ;)

Fixing the MBR - Check out what M$ has to say

Installing Linux - you know what you're doing! :D


kirmet 09-12-2005 02:03 AM

woah man ... dont answer so fast ... can even think of a new question in that time :D

hmm didnt think of that option ...
so when installing linux on my last linux part. i wont mess up with grub?
that would be perfect then...

its just that last time i did that i had to go to a friend to borrow hiw win cd to recover my pc. and its raining outside :D

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