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AdamD 01-30-2014 03:58 PM

alias has stopped working after editing .csh file

OS: RH5 & RH6

On our systems we have many versions of the same tools installed. Depending on what version you want to run, we source the appropriate .csh file, then run the tool. I have setup some aliases in my .cshrc file and they look like this:

alias viv2013.3 'source /some/location3/settings64.csh'
alias viv2013.4 'source /some/location4/settings64.csh'

opening a console window I've been able to simply write "viv2013.3" and this sources the script. I then type "vivado" and this launches the program.

However, I edited the settings64.csh file for one of the tools. Realizing what I wanted to do, didn't work - I re-edited the file back to how it was. However, now the alias does not work!! Confused!!

If I source the file directly, not using the alias, it works fine.

Any ideas much appreciated, so, so confused considering all the others work fine.

rtmistler 01-31-2014 09:14 AM

Try adding EQUALS between the assignment of the alias and the actions it is to perform:

alias viv2013.3='source /some/location3/settings64.csh'
alias viv2013.4='source /some/location4/settings64.csh'

If that doesn't work, please post equivalent of your relevant lines, like you have done and also post the relevant outcome when you type "alias" in the command prompt after having logged in or run the relevant script.


desktop:~$ alias viv2013.3='source /some/location3/settings64.csh'
desktop:~$ alias
alias egrep='egrep --color=auto'
alias fgrep='fgrep --color=auto'
alias grep='grep --color=auto'
alias ls='ls --color=auto'
alias viv2013.3='source /some/location3/settings64.csh'

Please place your code and results within [code][/code] blocks.

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