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Giallo998 03-04-2005 10:18 AM

Adding to VFS volume?????
On my Gentoo box that I use as a file /web / ftp server, I have 3 hds, and would like to use LVM to see them as one larger drive so I'm not constantly moving / matching files around, and so that I can add to the size at a later date. I found some basics for xfs / lvm2 when setting up mythtv, and have a Volume Group called "server" and a Logical Volume called "drive". Thus far, I have done the following and added the first partition to the LV.

pvcreate /dev/hda

vgcreate server -s 64 /dev/hda4

Total PE = 1308

lvcreate -l 1308 server -n drive

mkfs.xfs /dev/server/drive

Now I have a bunch of stuff on the LV, and want to add my other two hds to the LV. From what I can find, I think that I need to do the following for each drive:

pvcreate /dev/hdb

vgextend server /dev/hdb

note free PE

lvextend -L +[free PE] /dev/server/drive

xfs_growfs /server (/server is the mount point of the LV (/dev/server/drive))

Does this look correct to you guys?? Any of you lvm experts out there got any corrections or additions or suggestions? I really do not want to lose any of the data that is already on the LV. Thanks Nick

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