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dalvikvm 09-30-2017 09:40 AM

Adding Kon-boot to GRUB2
I just installed Debian on my external hard drive and it boots fine (GRUB2 is on my external hard drive). After running update-grub it detected logical partitions with Windows Recovery and Windows installer but not Kon-boot. I just copy-pasted the files for Winre/Windows installer/Kon-boot to their respective partition.

Kon-boot files are:


EFI    konboot.img  konbootOLD.img  konexec64.exe
grldr  konboot.lst  konexec32.exe  menu.lst

How do I chainload konboot's grldr even if the external hdd is plugged-in on different device/computer?

Will other entries work even if the external hdd is plugged-in also on different/computer?

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