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jcrash 01-12-2001 01:31 PM

I have been tossing around the idea of converting my system to Linux for some time now. I just can't let go of the convience and compatability of my win 98 box. What I would like to do is add an additional hard drive and be able to select which OS I want to boot up with. Is this a good or a bad idea? If it's good what recomendations do you have for the best way to accomplish it.

Thanks all,


trickykid 01-12-2001 02:12 PM

Excellent Idea
I think its a good idea, that would be a simple Idea to do with an additional hard drive. Just be sure when you install whatever linux flavor you choose, RedHat or Mandrake would probably be best, to install lilo or any other OS loader to the MBR, master boot record on the first primary drive. You can go that way or if you don't want to you can make it so where whenever you want to boot into linux, you can boot from a floppy disk, then mount the linux image you installed to boot into linux.
Hope this gives you any ideas on how you would do it.


Jasutinsama 01-12-2001 02:52 PM

Go for it!!
This is the same thing I did for my switch to linux. The best way to do it is install the hardrive as if you were going to use it for windows(format and all). This is a good way to check the hardwareis ok for ruling it out when troubleshooting later. Then install the linux distro because it will have no trouble reformating the DOS partition.

The linux install should be a snap(famous last words) as long as you remember teh MBR comment form the last post and make a boot floppy jsut in case.

Good luck and God speed

jcrash 01-14-2001 03:27 AM

Thanks for the help
Thanks for the responses.

I added the new hard drive, 10 packs of smokes and 3 carafe's of coffe and I did it. Linux 7 is up and running in full force with a dual boot up for Linux or Dos. Thanks again for the advise.


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