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yandos 03-15-2009 06:59 AM

adding a network location to a bash script command
Hi all,
i bet this is a silly question, but maybe that's why i can't find the answer for the last hours...
i needed to cron a backup of a directory from another computer to my server, i managed to figure all the cron things, i used a samba share to mount the folder i wanted, but now i can't seem to find a way to direct the rsync command to it. i tried somthing like this but its obviously not the way:

mkdir /backup/$dt
rsync -r --progress -avze ssh /"some mounted drive" /backup/$dt/

the $dt simply a var that creates a folder with the date as name.
the rsync command is my problem...
can anyone tell me how to define a mounted drive as the source for the files to copy?

yandos 03-15-2009 07:20 AM

Ok i thing me got it :).
i used the gui to create the mount. now i did it from the start using the smbclient to mount it into a directory, and now simply used the directory where i mounted it as the source for backup files :).
if someone could please still answer me it would be great - if i mount a network drive using the gui, how can i access it from bash?

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