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Broady 05-26-2007 10:49 PM

Adding 1st website to Fedora Core 6
Hi all,
I have built a Fedora Core 6 LAMP Server and to date everything has been smooth sailing. In my home network I run a Windows XP(Main development machine) box and a Linux box(Server). My router is a DLink DSL-G604T. I have a static IP address from my ISP. I have set up the router to route port 80 the the Linux box. I can access the Fedora Core Test Page inside my home network by typing from my Windows box.

My goal is. I have registered a domain name (e.g I want to host that 1 domain name from the Linux box.

At this stage I have 2 user accounts on the Linux box:
1. The main administer
2. A user named Jason

I have my website ready to upload to the Linux box. A few questions I have are:
1. Which account should I log into to upload the webiste?

2. When it comes to binding to my static IP address, I get really confused. I have Webmin installed. What is the best method for binding the domain name?

3. When using nameservers for the binding. What IP address' should I use. I have read that I can use my ISP as a nameserver or can use the Linux box as a DNS server. Currently for my nameserver I use the following.
Currently when I purchased my domain name, I purchased it from Godaddy. When all is set up what IP address or domain names do I change the nameservers in the Godaddy control panel too. Currently the domain is parked with the Godaddy name servers.
(This whole step is what really confuses me).

The DLink router has the IP address of The Linux box the Ip address of

4. Where do I upload my website too, so that if someone outside my network enters that will shown my website?

I know I am asking a lot however any advise or a push in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. I have spent the last few weeks reading and reading and I must be looking to deep into it, because most times I can pick up this stuff with no problems.
A step by step guide would be awesome.

Once again
Thank You

rdgreenlaw 05-30-2007 05:24 PM

I did this a while ago, and had similar questions. First, when you registered your domain name you were given a user name and password for GoDaddy. You will need this to point your domain name to your static address that was supplied to you from your ISP. You may need to look at the help files on GoDaddy's web site or call their technical support number for specific instructions. This will point the internet usage of your domain name to your internal network. You will then need to configure your router to pass any traffic to port 80 (and other ports if desired) to your server. This traffic will need to be routed to the server's ip address. This is easiest if your server is assigned an IP address that is not within the router's DHCP assigned list.

Your web files should be located in /var/www/html/ and any CGI files located within /var/www/cgi (you may not have any .cgi files)

Your network will look something like this: --> (ISP assigned ip address) is the IP address of your router

Your router will assign adresses to the other equipment on your network --> first PC --> second PC
... --> fiftieth PC

You will want a static IP address on your web server. I'll assume

point your router's DMZ (demilitarized zone) to or point port 80 and others to your server's ip address.

Change your server's IP address to match the one you defined on the router. You will find it in /etc/sysconfig/networking/devices. Edit the file ifcfg-eth0 and set the static IP address. You can also set this from within the GUI (System -> Administration - Network).

Note IP addresses that start with 10. can not be routed through some devices (incoming traffic can't be routed to a computer with 10.?.?.? addresses so you may need to change these to more standard addresses. (You'll need to try it to see how it works on your system.) I use 192.168.x.y on my internal network.

wendea 05-30-2007 05:30 PM

I just did a lamp server for my college course. If you want to make it easy make it so in your /etc/hosts file you have you lamp server as 10.0.0.x or whatever you want for your ip. After that use a web fowarder like and make it so your LAMP server shows up in there. Then you can just add on for example:

and so forth. Then just make it a virtual host in your php.ini file. And presto it should work. As for the user question I would use one user which is a superuser. To simplify things. if you want LAMP server documentation you can get it off my site at and that is my documentation that I used for mine.


bluetxxth 03-25-2008 07:53 AM

necessary to have a static IP?
Hi all,

Is it absolutely necessary to have a static IP... will it not work pointing it to a url for example ??/



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