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jkassemi 03-31-2005 11:31 PM

add a menu item in gnome...
Hey everybody, thanks for taking a look at this.

I had gnome installed (slackware 10.1 default), and the option to add a new item to the main menu used to be there when I right-clicked the area I wanted to add an item to. ... Unfortunately whenever I clicked it and added an item, it wouldn't actually add it to the menu... So I updated using some linuce packages... not too sure where I found them, but that seemed to fix the issue...

I got to thinking about what I would do when I wanted to update... It would have been really difficult, until I found out about dropline. I uninstalled all the old packages and did a dropline installation... Now whenever I right click I get no option to add to the menu whatsoever...

Does anybody know what's going on? Appreciate it,


jkassemi 03-31-2005 11:38 PM

I dropped a line in to the dropline IRC, and they said that Gnome dropped menu editing support, but that they were planning on putting a third-party program in in a few days. In the meantime, /usr/share/applications holds the text-interface for editing the menus...

Hope this helps anybody else that might have the same problem,


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