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md2bn08 05-06-2004 03:31 AM

Accessing Old Files Through Fedora Core
Hey - day two running a dual boot Win 98/ Fedora Core 1 machine (two seperate hard drives). I have boatloads of documents, mp3s, and engineering CAD drawings saved on the drive running windows, and have NO idea how to access them through my Fedora Core. I am sold on every other aspect too - if I can get my old mp3s to play, this dual boot machine might be a sole linux fan by tomorrow afternoon...any help would be appreciated...

chakkerz 05-06-2004 03:50 AM

type df and see if there is something mounted that is called windows or dos

if there isn't note if your / is /hda or /hdb

your other hard drive will be the one that doesn't appear there, provided they are both on IDE 1. (if they both appear cd into where they claim to be mounted and see if your files are there)

if one or the other doesn't appear. become root, mkdir /mnt/windows
and mount /dev/hdWhateverain'tthere /mnt/windows
if you want to mount that drive regularly google fstab and how to alter it.

Win98 is Fat32, so if you don't have the vfat module in there somewhere, it might not work, though being fedora i image both the mountpoint and the module are there

so it will be a simple matter of cd to the appropriate dir

One thing. If your system automatically mounts the partition Root will own the directory, which causes access problems. There are ways around that, one would be not to automount it during bootup, and mount it via a login script. That said, i'd be in favour of manual logging.

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