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drebbin 09-18-2004 07:42 PM

Accessing a printer on a windows XP machine from my Linux box
Hi all, first of all I ma new to the Linux world and this will be my first post here on the forums...So is my problem

I am trying set up my printer in linux...The printer is set up on my XP machine and it is shared.....I have set up samba on my Linux machine....and I can see both of my computers from the linux computers...Also when I try set up the printer I can see the shared printer but it keeps giving me an error that it cannot connect to samba when I try to print the test page...Do I have to set up something on the XP machines to allow me to access that printer using samba from LInux...? Does this make any sense? I missing a step here....

any help would be appreciated... I feel this is probably something I am just overlooking...


secesh 09-19-2004 02:01 AM

The more detail you include about your environment, the better.

I shall assume that your problem is not compounded by firewall
(including 3rd party and MS intenals) software on the XP box.

do you get any password dialog boxes, or error boxes from XP
PC other than 'did the test page print ok?' ?

Have you checked iptables/ipchains on your linux box to ensure
the xp box has sufficient access?

--what more can you tell us about your situation?--

drebbin 09-20-2004 03:39 PM

I am using FC2, I have 3 machines all together, 1 desktop running XP Home ,1 Laptop running XP Home, and the other running Linux FC2...They are all running through a wireless router. I do not have any third pary firewalls nor do I have the internal XP firewall enabled on the XP machine that has the print share. I can print from my Laptop(XP) but not the Linux box...

I have found that this may be a driver problem. Is that possible....My printer driver is not listed and I tried other like drivers.... Does this sound like it may be the problem?

anyhow I will try my hand at installing the driver, (which I have never done before in Linux) and see what happens

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