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natassa 03-31-2006 01:20 PM

access linux using telnet
hi everybody :)
can anyone be kind enough to guide me in solving my problem?
how can a user that is using microsoft platform can access other computer in the same network that use linux platform using telnet?
i do hope anybody can give me some tips or reference regarding this matter as soon as possible.
thank you all.

pljvaldez 03-31-2006 01:29 PM

There are a few things that have to happen:

1) install a telnet/ssh client onto the Windows machine (google for Putty, which is a free windows client)
2) install a telnet server on the linux machine
3) create a user account on the linux machine for the person logging in
4) use putty to telnet to the linux machine (probably need the IP address unless the machine has it's name in a DNS server somewhere)

Now, one caveat is that you really shouldn't use telnet anymore. It's not very secure (passwords are tranmitted in plain text). In general, you should use SSH (which will look the same as telnet, but be more secure).

Also note that telnet/ssh will only give you a commandline. If you need a graphical interface, you'll have to do some more work...

natassa 04-01-2006 02:00 PM

thanx pljvaldez :) ..your suggestion truly help me a lot..but i wonder about putty..when it requires my hostname, i've key in my computer IP address but it said that there has been a network error: connection refused.what does it means? do I've miss something or is it because of other reason?please help..i'm a beginner with telnet :cry:

btmiller 04-01-2006 02:40 PM

As mentioned above, you really should use SSH. Did you set PuTTY up to use SSH instead of telnet (it's one of the options when you set up the connection)? If yes, do you have the SSH server running on your Linux machine (do ps aux | grep sshd to see if there's a sshd process running) -- if not usually /etc/init.d/sshd start starts it, but this varies by distro so plase tell us which distro you are using. Also check that you do not have a firewall blocking connections to port 22 (which ssh uses).

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