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Wynand1 03-05-2004 02:09 AM

Access EXT3 partition form windows
Is it possible to access a ext3 linux partition from windows 98 ? Is there a driver or program I can download to do this (read/write ability)?

dushkinup 03-05-2004 02:33 AM

Not that I know about it. But I once heard about something to show your Mac partitions from within windows.

The possible no-software-needed solution for this problem is to put the files you need in the FAT/NTFS partition from Linux.

Wynand1 03-05-2004 02:47 AM

Not so sure how thats possible (Mac OS on PC ? / Windows on Mac ?):confused:

nerofiend 03-05-2004 03:07 AM

acess them from Dos maybe? I think you can get into any partition in Dos if you know the right commands. Dunno if it will help you actually do anything but see the files though. I could be totally off though and it never work at all.

dushkinup 03-05-2004 03:14 AM

As far as I know mac and PC harddrives aren't that diffrent. You can hook your mac hard drive to your PC.

MHouse 03-05-2004 04:31 AM

Powerquest makes (well, Symantec owns them now) a product called Partition Magic. In version 8.0 (the most recent) they introduced a file browser that could read files from nearly any partition on any drive in your machine. There is no write support that I know of though... I have read from EXT3 while inside of WinXP. Don't know about 98, though. I assume it would still work.

jkobrien 03-05-2004 05:19 AM

I use a program called explore2fs to read from my linux partition while booted in MS-Win.

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