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jwilson 02-21-2001 06:38 PM

I am wanting to download Linux and begin learning it.

I was trying to download the redhat using ws_ftple but when I connect it asks for a username, however, you can navigate there with a browser.

What I need is to download a version of Linux to get me going.

Can anyone steer me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!

mathi 02-22-2001 07:54 AM

OK here we go.

1: Backup your documents, just to be sure. (Unless of course you don't care falling back on last night's backup ;) )

2: Choose a disto. I use Slackware ( I'll write this assuming you'll use Slack too.

3: Choose whether you want to make a new partition for linux, or install it on your ordinary partition. The last is easier and faster to install and remove. But will result in a slower, less secure, less reliable system. When you try linux out for the first time, I think you better use the last method, unless you have an extra hard-disk free.

4: Make sure you have enough disk space free. To install everything, you'll need about 2GB. One for downloading the packages, and one for the installation.

5: Pick a nearby mirror of Slackware
(list at and download the files in dir pub/slackware/slackware-7.1/bigslack/.

6: I don't have to tell you to read the readme.1st. Unpack the zip-files into your root directory.

7: When in windows, restart in ms-dos mode.

8: Edit the file C:\linux\linux.bat. When using the first partition on your first IDE drive you have to uncomment (remove the rem) the line:
rem \linux\loadlin \linux\vmlinuz root=/dev/hda1 rw
and comment out the line:
\linux\loadlin \linux\vmlinuz root=/dev/sda4 rw
out (add rem in the begin).

9: Run the file linux.bat and have fun! This is only the installation. To actually use linux go see:
and browse this forum. Good luck.

mjakob 02-22-2001 08:58 AM

As far as connecting to the RedHat site goes, when it asks for a username, type in anonymous. Then it will tell you to enter your email address as the password. This will get you into their FTP site.


jwilson 02-22-2001 08:24 PM

Thanks guys - I finally got logged onto RedHat last night and got the files downloaded, now I've got to install. For some reason I could not log on as anonymous to the absolute directory (which is a mile long), I had to log into the root.

Once again thanks,
Jeff Wilson

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