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christyc 01-19-2002 08:41 AM

about upgrades
For modem reasons, I want to upgrade my kernel from 2.2.10 to 2.2.14. Is it true I must do each upgrade step? (I successfully upgraded to 2.2.11 yesterday) I am okay with doing all three left,
but wondered why I can't just go to 2.2.14.

Thymox 01-19-2002 09:40 AM

Yeah, you can. In fact, if you really want to be up to speed, you should get a copy of the 2.4.x kernel tree. As far as I can work out, there are two main ways of upgrading your kernel. You can patch it (it sounds like this is what you're doing), or you can grab the whole of a new kernel tree and compile from scratch. If you go to and follow the links there you should be able to get the latest kernel. There's a HOW-TO here.

bluecadet 01-19-2002 09:40 AM

you can certainly upgrade ni one go, just get the entire source and go from there. I'd never just patch up all that way, it's daft...

you are ware that that kernel is still very old tho? 2 yearsish i think

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