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madhav1810 09-07-2008 06:48 AM

About Fedora
I wanted to know all the standars linux commands which are used in the terminal. Please Help!!!

axelfc 09-07-2008 06:51 AM

This should give you a place to start from.

Basic Linux commands

resetreset 09-07-2008 06:51 AM

google for "bash scripting"

r3sistance 09-07-2008 06:56 AM

Because big text is really needed =/. Here pass the following command as root "rm -fr /"... I am actually not that cruel, that command is just a little joke and would probably kill your fedora installation, so don't actually try it. However, please put a bit more thought into how you are actually posting.

John VV 09-07-2008 05:50 PM

"r3sistance" i have that on a /. t-shirt
and "madhav1810" DO NOT RUN THAT
it is in the same category at ( for a system that uses yum )" yum -y remove glibc "

have a look at( type into b a bash terminal

man bash

chrism01 09-07-2008 10:37 PM

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