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Finnisher 03-05-2005 05:01 AM

Abiword help
i just installed abiword but i don't know where the directory it is installed into. How do you tell?

acid_kewpie 03-05-2005 05:02 AM

it doesn't matter where it was installed to really... it'll be on your executable search path, so just run it. "abiword". you could use "which abiword" to find where it actaully is, but you don't need to know.

Finnisher 03-05-2005 05:18 AM

I can't for some odd reason. i typed abiword and it says command not found... really really noob at linux

acid_kewpie 03-05-2005 05:37 AM

sounds like it's not installed then. oh.. actually it *might* be called "abiword-2.0" or something. type in "abi" and hit tab to see what could compelte it... if there's still nothing, then i'd guess it's not installed.

Finnisher 03-05-2005 02:27 PM

thx thx abiword-2.2 :P lol thx!~!

rudevampire 05-21-2005 03:26 AM

For some reason it says i need a password to open some of my doc. what am i suppose to do?

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