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ste4o 09-13-2012 11:20 AM

AAO d250 problem
Hello guyz. I recently installed Linux Mint 13 MATE on my Acer Aspire One d250 and a problem occurs. When i close the lid of the netbook and re-open it the display stays black. When i start mouseclick/press enter it flashes at the point where i left it (desktop for instance) but does not stay active, just flashes and goes back black. I've red maybe 90 % of the google results of similar problems and nothing helped. You seem to be my last resort. Any help will be welcome :)
I shall mention that this is the first time I'am using a linux distribution and if someone come out with a solution, please explain it really noobish so i can undestand and replicate the solution on my PC :)
Thanks in advance. Ste4o.

flower.Hercules 09-21-2012 09:44 AM

I'm curious if you suspend the computer manually and resume it with the keyboard, mouse, or power button (whichever works), does the screen come back on just fine? You can try this out like so, open a terminal or console and type:


sudo pm-suspend
Once it goes to sleep, wake it up. Leave the laptop lid open the whole time. Report back with your findings :D

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