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briancof 11-27-2001 02:35 AM

AAAARGH! My eyes! My beautiful eyes!
Along with all my modem problems (detailed elsewhere) the other thing bugging the hell out of me so far with Linux is the size of the font/icons on the monitor. I used to run my 17" monitor at 1024x760 (or whatever the exact figures are) but since I've installed redhat everything seems half the size. As yet I've not been able to find where the resolution is set, or any graphics settings for that matter. Is linux only intended for 32" widescreen monitors?

mcleodnine 11-27-2001 02:53 AM

See if you've got the 100dpi fonts installed for your XFree.

If it's Netscape giving you grief, change the default fonts ('specially in 4.xx).

trickykid 11-27-2001 03:31 AM

Xconfigurator can set the resolution for you... or it reconfigures X for you.. so you can set it at a better resolution that suits your needs.

amp2000 11-27-2001 07:26 AM

Try holding CTRL & ALT then pressing + or -
At least I think it's CTRL & ALT


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