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kevinyeandel 10-02-2012 09:27 AM

A test if executable is exec'd? (assume no internal logging)

Trying to determine impact of installing a specific application using LDAP authenticated account. (Security is mandating it).

One of the "progs" as part of an app suite includes a "check password" binary that is installed as root and authenticates against the OS to return a T/F to the calling app.

Need to know how many times a second this is called and get a measure of how fast it can turn around a request. Assume not wanting to write a wrapper and no internal logging is available.

Is it possible to 'monitor' requests to an application (in this case the check password prog mentioned) and determine frequency and turnaround of a request?

Many thanks


SecretCode 10-02-2012 11:52 AM

I would use a wrapper and alias it ... why don't you want a wrapper?

If the binary is called using "sudo" (if your distribution even has that, you didn't specify it) you will get logging. But otherwise I'm not aware of any way that the OS or shell will record the number of calls - it's possible that some system logging utility could be installed that hooks into OS calls though.

But I am sure nothing will enable you to measure the execution time (turnaround time) unless you wrap the call with a call to time ... which would be very simple.

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