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phead 09-30-2005 08:53 AM

a HUGE problem! please help... :(
i have searched A LOT sites and forums and found nothing that could solve my problem..
i have 2 disks. 120gb and 75gb.
the fisrt one has windows xp and the second was just storage for my xp.
i tried to install linspire and created a partition on my 75gb disk.. but i forgot to create a swap partition... :( i created 15gb space for linspire and the rest for space in xp.
then, months later i uninstalled linspire because i wanted to install suse 9.3...
the result was to damage my xp which was in the 120gb drive..
when i boot it says "grub: error 22" . i know how to solve this and did "FIXMBR" from xp console.. but nothing. still the same problem. it said to fix the "D:\WINDOWS" but the boot.ini it's in the other hard disk (c, 75gb)!
is it possible to boot again to xp?
now, i right from linspire (i have installed it again in the 75gb drive) and i can see my 120gb disk with windows files..
how can i recover mbr and remove grub? i only want to have access to my xp hard disk!

please help!

Wim Sturkenboom 09-30-2005 09:04 AM

boot from your XP cd, go to rescue mode (or something that sounds similar) and try the command fixmbr

I've never done it so the description might miss some details and I can't verify (no XP cd available)

phead 09-30-2005 09:11 AM

i have already done it but no success..
my hard disc is 120gb where xp are in but it's a slave disc.. there's a confusion in this thing..
i think the boot.ini or something it's in the other disc..
if there's something that i can do in the konsole to understand what exactly is in my pc let me know

AwesomeMachine 09-30-2005 07:41 PM

Boot from a knoppix boot CD.

Save all your files to CD-R's or DVD-R's using k3b.

Partition the drives with Suse 9.3.

burn to a CD

Boot with it

Leave an unformatted partition on the slave drive for XP

Don't install SuSE yet.

After you use the SuSE CD to format

Act like you are going to install.

Let the drives get formatted.

then shut down

Install XP to the partition you created for it

Activate XP

Shut down XP

Install SuSE 9.3 to the first partition on the first drive.

GRUB does the rest.

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