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den15 11-09-2005 09:57 PM

a few questions
my comp has 1 GB RAM. WIN XP recognize it of course but with slackware is only 883, 25 MB recognized??? has anyone any explanation for this?...

further, in KDe some apps crash often (as Firefox) or Konqueror...

and ... is there any safe way to upgrade on 2.6 kernel without to loose any settings. drivers and so on... don't have strenght to do everything from schratch...

tuxrules 11-09-2005 10:16 PM

If you have 1 GB of memory, you would have to enable HIGH MEM support in kernel. I don't know if there are kernel packages with HIGH MEM support but I generally compile my own kernels so I don't know. When I installed slack first on my new too showed about 800 MB memory (although I had 1 GB) but after kernel compile with high mem support...the memory is accounted for correctly.

Kernel compile is easy as long as you are ready to do a bit of work and obviously it teaches you a lot when you do that. Can you give us more info on your hardware. This way it would be lot easier for us to help you compile your kernel.

I would not know about the crash...I might be related to some other package conflict or a problem with shared library. Open up a terminal and try opening the app from this


This will spew any errors back in the terminal.


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