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Zuggy 03-22-2004 12:22 AM

A few Fedora Questions
Hey all,

I'm getting a new computer in about 2 weeks and I'm going to put Fedora on it, but I also need to keep windows (it's my parents computer and I get 20 gigs) What I want to know is if (1 if when the disk is patitioned will it destroy all the data on the HD or if it will just partition the empty space (2 Can you specify how much space you want partitioned with automatic partitioning (3 When I install Fedora will it automatically be a dual boot system and if not what is the procedure to make it such

Thanks for your continued help and for all those who have already helped I'm enjoying Knoppix while it keeps my current PC alive and hard drive-less


thehundredthone 03-22-2004 05:26 AM

the installer will usually give you an option on how to partition, and should also show you what it's doing. with the options available you can choose to keep your existing windows drives.

all the available space will be partitioned

it will give you boot options, automatically coinfigured, except the default os - which is preselected on startup

Frank_Drebin 03-22-2004 07:25 AM

The safest thing to do is to use a Windows based partition program such as Ranish or Partition Magic. It will safely shrink the FAT32 or NTFS partitions and protect the data. After this, ether have the same program format the new partition with linux or just leave it as free space and allow fedora to partition it. I would probably let Fedora install the boot loader on the MBR then change lilo to allow Windows to be default (keeps your parents happy).

Better yet, let them give you the old computer and go buy a $40 router. Then you can have a linux box and let them have their Winblows box.:D

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