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Canadian_Devil 09-07-2009 04:12 AM

A couple of problems.. all with Compiz (Fusion)... Ubuntu Studio
Hello all.. So I'm having some trouble here (I am fairly new to Linux.. but I quite like it).

First problem:

After failing to install through the terminal.. I found a package that does the installation by itself. But 1. Synaptic Package Manager doesn't recognize that the package is installed.. and 2. I can't delete the files through the installer nor by finding them myself...

That isn't too much a problem.. But my metacity seems to be messed up.. as my bar (minimize, Maximize, Exit, Move) disappears and the window goes to the top left.. I can restore the bars (WITHOUT any effects) by typing in metacity, or metacity --replace. That is, until I close that terminal window.. then I lose the bars again.

Second problem: Everytime I try to install compiz, it seems that it won't start up... So can someone direct me to a newbie - friendly guide for the instillation of compiz, compiz fusion (I assume you need compiz before compiz fusion), and then how to install the plugins/packages/etc...

I can give you my computer's specs if you like.. I might have to do some searching to find what my video cars is... I know it's a nvidia card though.. latest drivers

Thanks all,

Drakeo 09-07-2009 09:04 PM

this helped me.

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