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daveman_t 12-23-2004 10:36 AM

a couple of newbie q's
I installed Red Hat 9 last night, and have a couple of questions:

1. I installed RH on my second HD, when it was the only one in my box. I now have my XP disc back in, how can i change the grub bootloader to have XP as an option?

2. Having installed aMSN, i can't find how to enable the system tray in GNOME 2.2

any help would be great


bigjohn 12-23-2004 11:08 AM

yes that's not a problem.


default 1
timeout 30

title=Gentoo Linux 2.6.9-gentoo-r9
root (hd0,1)
kernel /boot/kernel-2.6.9-gentoo-r9 root=/dev/ram0 real_root=/dev/hda5 init=/linuxrc splash=verbose
initrd /boot/initrd-2.6.9-gentoo-r9

title=Windows XP
root (hd0,0)
chainloader +1

if you look at the last part, you'll see the entry for my Windows partition. You'll have to remember about the naming convention as i.e. if you windows partition/drive is the first one, the entry would look pretty much like mine, whereas your linux entry would be different because if it's on a second hard drive it's gonna be something like root (hd1,0) - yes it does make a difference cos if you used my entry, you'd be pointing it at the wrong place, and it's either wouldn't boot the linux or you may get a big screen full of GR 99 99 99 99 99 99's

also, notice my top line for the default - it's 1 not 0 and the line in the windows section says "chainloader + 1, so the grub knows that that's what I want to highlight as the default.

Maybe that helps a little?



bigjohn 12-23-2004 11:09 AM

Plus I don't know about your second question :confused:



p.s. I forgot to say, in my first post, the file that I'd have to edit is called /boot/grub/grub.conf - don't forget you'll have to be root to edit it, and that because I have a seperate /boot partition that's set up so it mounts for the boot process then unmounts, I have to do mount /dev/hda2 (which is my boot partition).

SlackerLX 12-23-2004 11:15 AM

Right click on gnome panel->add to panel->utility->notification area

0pal_t0ad 12-23-2004 11:48 AM

the easiest thing would be to put your Win hdd as slave/secondry otherwise ur pc will boot from your win disk which doesn't have grub installed.
then if u take a look at your devices you'll see your hdd's displayed as e.g. /dev/hda1, /dev/hda2 and so on, the hda part tells u that its ur primary disk so your win disk should look like /dev/hdb*
grub handles the disks in a strange way i.e (hd0,0) which actually means /dev/hda1 and (hd0,1) would be /dev/hda2 if that makes much sense to u. anyway as bigjohn said... ur win disk will be (hd1,0), just thought u might like to know why ur naming them like that ;)

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