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felixthecat 04-27-2017 12:20 AM


murugesan 04-27-2017 12:50 AM

/usr/bin/sudo /bin/mount -o rw /dev/sda3 /murugesan/dinesh
you can use -o ro for read only
Look more options for any Linux oriented(HP-UX or SunOS or AIX or Linux or UNIX oriented or Cygwin_Windows) commands using
/usr/bin/man mount

murugesan 04-27-2017 12:51 AM

I have mentioned /dev/sda3 for sample device location.
How to know available directories at /dev directory
/bin/ls -latrd /dev/*

felixthecat 04-27-2017 04:10 PM


Habitual 04-27-2017 04:33 PM


/usr/bin/udisksctl mount -b /dev/usb /path/to/mount/ > /dev/null 2>&1

linux4evr5581 04-27-2017 04:41 PM

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