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MrPeabody 03-09-2004 01:28 PM

3D support of Multi Head Monitor systems
Ok, I'm new to Linux, and I've been very successful so far installing SuSE 9.0, thanks to all the information available at this forum. However, I've hit a wall...

I would like to have a Dual head monitor system with 3D support...wouldn't be nice to have everything you wanted. But from what I can tell that isn't possible currently? (true??) YaST says so, and I tried forcing 3D support in XF86Config, no avail.

So if the above is a limitation, I would like to know if I can implement an alteration to GRUB to allow me to boot as Linux 2D (with 2 monitors) and alternate boot as Linux 3D (with just 1 monitor)?

I have already created 2 versions of XF86Config that do just that. And currently I call a script to switch from one to the other, then reboot to have the changes take effect.

Is there a more elegant solution? Perhaps it is possible to cause X Windows to reconfigure with the new XF86Config file without rebooting...I thought that was to be one of the beautiful features of Linux, you don't have to reboot to reconfigure.


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