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Jongi 08-27-2003 06:42 AM

I receive the following 2 errors after trying to install Afterstep using the RPM manager.

The first is a GPG Error. However I suspect that this isn't an error as such and is much the same as the XP dialog box that comes up when a device driver is being installed that has not been digitally verified by Microsoft. I say this coz I have installed other programs and they have worked even though a similar dialog box has occurred. I just wanted to be sure.

The 2nd Issue however is one that seems a bit more serious to me. I have said yes to other dependencies being installed but an error comes up during install that some dependencies have no been found. Is Mandrake likely to tell you if the dependencies are not amongst those on the distro disks? The errors involve rpms of names like libAfterstep.*.rpm

MasterC 08-27-2003 01:23 PM

I'm going to split this out to it's own thread, because even though it's related, this thread is pretty much 'done' and your question is deservant of it's own thread.


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