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angeles75 08-11-2007 11:52 AM

15 and 16 generic on boot screen
Just wanted to say hello. I'm from Arizona. New to the world of Linux. Dual booting WINXP and Ubuntu 7.04. 7.04 has its own drive. Got everything working just fine. One question though. Downloaded some packages and my boot screen shows more than one OS of Ubuntu. It shows both 15 and 16 generic. 16 shows everything that 15 has, but it won't connect to the internet. 15 connects automatically when I open it. Have no problems with WINXP. Thanks, in advance from a 65 year old wannabe geek.:newbie: :confused:

krazytekn0 08-11-2007 12:24 PM

if I were you right now, I would just use 15 since it works for you. This is why ubuntu leaves the old kernel when it updates, so that you can always go back to something that worked. There aren't a whole lot of differences between 15 and 16 (aside from your internet not working.) I would just boot into 15 or uninstall the 16 kernel for now till 2.6.20-17 comes out then try again.
I doubt that there is actually anything in the 16 kernel that's of real advantage over the 15 kernel to you.
I may be wrong, but I am relatively sure here, your network card must have been removed from the 16 kernel.

angeles75 08-11-2007 12:39 PM

Thank you. ????How do I uninstall 16?

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