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Orwick Alefgard 07-05-2003 06:29 PM

1 Post, 5 Questions...!
Hello Everyone.

I have successfully installed RH9, installed the nvidia drivers, installed the mp3 plug-in for xmms, configured my e-mail client and have successfully connected to the internet.

Now that the basic stuff is out of the way, on to the fun stuff!

I am wanting to see if I can find a way to make Linux usable for my everyday activities.

1. NumLock: I have it enabled in the BIOS but it doesn't come on when I boot into Linux. I did a search and some of the responses were a bit over my head. Is there a simple solution?

2. Linux Distros in General: I was wanting to try out some other Linux distros as well and I was wondering if they will all peacefully co-exist on the same hard drive? Specifically Mandrake 9.1 and SuSE 8.2. Will all three get along on the same hard drive? And what about swap space? Will they all use the same swap space, or will each need it's own?

3. HTML Editor: Does Linux have an HTML Editor similar to AceHTML? I really liked this program and I it would be great if I could find something like it.

4. Image Conversion: How about a program similar to IrfanView? I realize that I could use the Gimp for some of functions that IrfanView provides, but I am not that familiar with the Gimp as of yet...

5. .mp3, .ogg, and other lossy and lossless audio compression: What do you guys use to rip and encode mp3 files in Linux? I realize that the topic in its entirety is way beyond the scope of this post, but any and all linkage would be greatly appreciated.

There will be may more questions to come, but I figure that this'll keep me occupied for at least the rest of the summer!

Thanks in advance for all of your help. ;)

Orwick Alefgard

:tisk: :tisk: :tisk:

BTW, I understand why users with less than 5 posts are not allowed to post direct URL links, but for those of us not spamming up the boards, it really kinda stinks...

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2damncommon 07-05-2003 06:54 PM

Ah ha, you get my poor attempts at answering multiple questions...

1. I just check the Num Lock as often as I check the Caps Lock for passwords. I bet there is a better option.

2. Distros don't have a problem sharing swap. Just be really careful when you install and there should be no problems.

3. I think Quanta and Bluefish are often mentioned. Since my HTML is usually pretty simple, I just use my favorite text editor.

4. The GIMP is what you want. Take a little time to get it right.
To change image formats, just use "save as" and change the format.

5. MP3, eek, I know nothing...

Orwick Alefgard 07-05-2003 07:15 PM

Thanks for the quick response, 2damncommon.

1. Thats what I do now as well. Just looking for a way to handle something little that Windows used to handle for me. The search pulls up quite a few scripting solutions, but like I said, way above my head.

2. Cool. Looks like total space is going to be my only obstacle.

3. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll definitely check them out.

4. I was afraid that someone might say that! :D I figured out how to change formats, just like you said actually, but is there a way to do some batch processing? Batch namechanging, resizing, etc.?

5. Ok. ;) What about .ogg or other lossless compression? Any takers on this one?



Bruce Hill 07-05-2003 07:15 PM

NumLock is turned on with Control Center, Peripherals, Keyboard

Orwick Alefgard 07-05-2003 07:26 PM

Hey Chinaman.

When you are using KDE, that is an option, but when using Gnome (my default) it isn't. Can I change it while using KDE and still have it work when I log out and re-login with Gnome? BTW, I think that I'll try this right now...! :D

I'll let you guys know.


Orwick Alefgard 07-05-2003 07:30 PM

Nope. It is apparently controlled by the window manager......

Although while I was using KDE, I saw a few things that I liked. I might have to try it out for a while...


Bruce Hill 07-05-2003 07:34 PM

I don't know the difference between Gnome and KDE, really, but the guy who started helping me install Linux and knows my computer background said, "I think you'll like KDE." He's right. I didn't like Gnome, and couldn't make it stay at KDE even after re-writing a config file or something. It would still have KDE in there, but boot into Gnome. So, when I did my last install, I chose packages and left all the Gnome stuff out. Don't know if that was wise, but that's where I'm at today. Now it boots into KDE. I'm not interested in learning 2 wm at a time anyway. I need to do some work with this puppy.

contrasutra 07-05-2003 07:41 PM

IMO, Ogg is the best lossy compression format out there.

It sounds great (better than MP3)
It uses Variable Bitrate and good compression to allow great file sizes
It supports full surround sound (unlike MP3)
Its completly open source and patent free (unlike MP3)

For a lossless format, look at FLAC. Its pretty good, though obviously the file sizes will be much larger.

Orwick Alefgard 07-05-2003 07:42 PM

Yep. I installed both and apparently Gnome is the default so that is what i have been trying to learn with. I really didn't have a person who got me started using Linux, so I am stuck flipping a coin, so to speak, alot of the time.

As such I am kinda like you in the sense that I really don't want to learn another window manager either, more so because my time is extremely limited more than anything else.

Any other takers on the other questions??? :)


Edited for grammar... :rolleyes:

Orwick Alefgard 07-05-2003 07:44 PM

Hey contrasutra.

I might have to check out .ogg.

My mp3's really don't leave the house so the format is rather irrelevant.

As long as I have something to play them on, I'm good to go.

So what programs did you use to rip the tracks and then encode them to the .ogg format?


Bruce Hill 07-05-2003 07:46 PM

My time, too. I wish someone would spell out something really simple to do with window managers, Gnome vs. KDE, etc. I read a bunch of posts but there wasn't much *information*, just *opinioins* which I really appreciate, but didn't help me to understand them. I do have all the manuals, so maybe searching them will help.

2damncommon 07-05-2003 09:18 PM

For your GIMP questions try here.

contrasutra 07-05-2003 10:15 PM

I use Grip to encode.

Most encoders are just frontends to CDparanoia and the like, so don't worry too much.

Bruce Hill 07-05-2003 10:21 PM

I've downloaded the Gimp book from the link 2damncommon posted, but I've used Photoshop for years, and frankly, The Gimp is an imitation of PS some years back, and doesn't quite hold a candle to PS 7 for print work. However, since Adobe hasn't decided to develop an open source version of PS, I'll learn The Gimp, and maybe one day it will be suitable for print graphics, as it seems to be today for online graphics.

contrasutra 07-05-2003 10:46 PM

Try the dev version of GIMP, its at 1.3.16 I believe.

Its 10x better than the stable version. You wont look back. :D

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