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papulia 03-22-2010 10:16 AM

[UBUNTU]How to Covert Multiple Jpegs To one pdf file in UBUNTU/Linux
One of the most common qs i see in forums is >>> How to convert multiple jpg files to one one pdf file by one click .

I have got 2 solutions that I consider solve this situation to the best ....

*1.* Install SCRIBUS from synaptic package manager . It can convert jpegs to pdf without any issues .

F Spot Photo Manager can also be used .

*2.* This 2nd step I find much better ....
I have been using it myself for some time now ... and its flaw less ...

A) Install WINE using the terminal . For beginers .... Its a software that can run selected windows applications on a linux destro like ubuntu. Installing is very easy >>>> open synaptic manager and in quick search box type Wine. Once the wine files show in the search mark them for installation.

For details on easy manual for wine installation check here ..

B) Now go to the page below .... Its a free software.

Down load and save the software from the link given .

Open the file using wine ( Right click on the file and choose the option open with wine.) The installer will run and the programme will be installed .

And Viola ... Its ready .... Import ur jpg files and merge them all in to 1 pdf file .. Very Useful In Merging Comics together.

Plz give ur feedbacks if the solution worked for you .

blacky_5251 03-22-2010 03:12 PM

How odd that you've found this to be a common question. I've never come across it before. We must visit very different sites I guess. Anyway, I'd use ImageMagick. The command "convert *.jpg onefile.pdf" will do it for you.

PS: I don't think its cool to post Windoze solutions on a Linux forum :(
PPS: Viola is bigger than a violin, but smaller than a cello, and also a flower. Voila is a French word ;)

papulia 03-22-2010 08:28 PM

Bulk Conversion of Multiple Jpged to PDF in one go ....
@ blacky_5251

Yes I understand ur concerns and would like to clarify....

The windows software link I provided is free to download and its fully functional .Yes its Linux forum but my goal is to provide a solution with the aim that people using Linux find one more reason to say that " Yes ,Linux can even do this thing" I want Linux to succeed more than windows and the only way is to make it more easier , user compatible and functional in all aspects.

And the whole purpose of having WINE in ur Ubuntu machine .. is to Use WINDOWS soft wares Of ur liking ... This is all done to make linux /ubuntu more user friendly.

This solution is particularly useful for people who have large number of scanned comics in jpeg formats.It makes the job easier by converting hundreds of jpeg files together to a pdf file at one click.I wish any comics lover using linux doesn't revert back to Windows OS for this job.

At the same time I have also mentioned Ububtu softwares like F Spot photo manager can be used for bulk conversion.

P.S. Draw back of Image Magik ...

Not user friendly for converting multiple (say 2000 jpegs to 1
PDF file.
1st u need to convert each jpg file separately to one PDF and then
U need to merge them separately. And that can be highly irritating
during bulk conversion.

I will be back !!

BkkBonanza 05-01-2010 03:24 AM

You don't need to convert images separately with convert. As mentioned above you can do all your images with one command. Just make sure the images are numbered in order and they will show up as pages in that order. The only problem with "Imagemagick Convert" is the multitude of confusing options. If you just do the simple no-option command then it works but when you want to scale and re-sample it gets hard to figure out how to control the beast.

saagar 05-01-2010 05:57 AM


liked ur attitude.

rorie 11-24-2012 04:09 PM

Just discovered this thread after google-ing "make pdf from multiple scan ubuntu" and I concur with papulia that A-PDF is some great software. The software I downloaded was a trial, so not really free (neither as in beer, nor speech but is super slick. It'd be nice to see this functionality available on linux.

---------- Post added 11-24-12 at 10:10 PM ----------

That's what I meant by (neither as in beer, nor speech)

hpfeil 12-02-2012 10:44 AM

Best and fastest jpg --> pdf I've used is LibreOffice Writer [free beer!]. Menubar: Insert=>Image=>From=>file (or directly from scanner). 'Enter' to put the cursor at the top of the next page, repeat. Then File=>Export to PDF. Use "lossless" for best quality. I didn't like the pdfs that ImageMajik created, probably because I didn't RTFM to get smart on the command-line switches.

Unabashedly lifted from a forum that (my new favorite search engine) discovered:


# Find all "image" files in current directory and convert to pdf [change "image" to jpg, tiff, gif,..]
file -i * | grep image | awk -F':' '{ print $1 }' | while read IMAGE
NAME=`echo $IMAGE`
convert "$IMAGE" "${NAME}.pdf"

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