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unk 08-04-2002 06:13 PM

[Compiling - building - Installing] Please Help
Hey guys,

Im new to linux been reading alot about administrating linux servers, the book im reading barely talks about compiling source codes.. They mostly talk about rpms packages.

Ive installed some rpms, and they work fine, but when it comes to source codes with (./Configure) I keep getting the same error.

The error is this..

[root@localhost gcc-3.1.1]# ./configure
Configuring for a i686-pc-linux-gnuoldld host.
Created "Makefile" in /home/unk/GCC/gcc-3.1.1 using "mt-frag"
./configure: cc: command not found
*** The command 'cc -o conftest -g conftest.c' failed.
*** You must set the environment variable CC to a working compiler.

Im trying to install GCC to see if i fix this problem, but seems to not even been able to install this compiler.

I would really appreciate if someone could hook me up with some complete tutorials about " Compiling , building and installing for newbies "
Everytime i read about this all i get is those big explanations of all the options and targets..

Please help me out so i can install some applications i need.

Thx a lot..

:confused: :confused: :cry: :Pengy:

j-ray 08-04-2002 06:46 PM

u can run
whereis gcc or
gcc -v
to see whether or not there is a c-compiler on board. if not look for binaries of gcc for your machine.
cheers, jens

neo77777 08-04-2002 11:53 PM

you need gcc, you can get it off or you if you have an rpm based system you can get it at

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