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masuch 06-06-2012 06:17 PM

[ error] oh dang it, server dumped core
when I start octopussy server I have got error:
[ error] oh dang it, server dumped core

sudo service octopussy restart
octopussy Web Stopped.
octopussy Commander Stopped.
octopussy Parsing 'localhost' Paused.
octopussy RRD Stopped.
octopussy Scheduler Stopped.
octopussy Sender Stopped.
octopussy Pusher Stopped.
octopussy Dispatcher Stopped.
octopussy Dispatcher Started.
octopussy Parsing 'localhost' Started.
octopussy RRD Started.
octopussy Scheduler Started.
octopussy Sender Started.
octopussy Pusher Started.
octopussy Commander Started.
Use of uninitialized value $args{"file"} in lc at /usr/share/perl5/Net/XMPP/ line 154.
octopussy Web Started.
[ error] oh rats, server dumped core

I could not find any more information in logs.

Could please anybody tell me what does it mean , because:

sudo service octopussy status
Dispatcher: Started
Rsyslog: Started
Scheduler: Started

thank you,
kind regards,

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