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phsai 09-03-2012 10:26 AM

@LongLink created in my home path. Other directories deleted?

After I tried to extract a .tgz file that I downloaded, all the directories in my home directory disappeared and a @LongLink got created. I am not able to extract the @LongLink and can't also see the folders like Desktop/ that are usually in the home directory. I changed the permission of the @LongLink file to rwx for user and tried using

tar x @LongLink but this file is not recognized. For now I only have access to the command line of the unix box and I am a newbie.. Please help me out in extracting the files so I can get the older folder structure back.

evo2 09-04-2012 03:21 AM


so I'm interpreting this as: you are thinking that the command you ran to try to extract the .tgz file actually tared up all the contents of your home directory into "@LongLink".

Assuming this to be true I have a couple of requests for more information. Please run the following commands in a terminal and cut and past the output into the forum in "[code]" tags (like what I'm using below).

cd ~
ls -al

With this information we may be able to help you.


PS. I'm unsure what you mean by "@LongLink", hopefully the output of the above commands will help clarify.

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