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johncc 01-26-2009 07:15 PM

Zeroconf/Avahi needed?
I've setup a simple "server" type box with no X11 using Arch Linux. I've configured it to use DHCP when plugged into a network, which is fine.

I'm told the end user may sometimes want to connect it directly to a Windows PC (presumably in its default network configuration of using DHCP) with either a crossover cable or a hub, but no DHCP server. They want to access a few files on the box, currently shared with Samba.

I was thinking I could just install dhcpd and allow them to start and stop it, but it seems that dhcpd requires a statically configured IP on the interface which matches the subnet definition it has. It can't serve an address to the machine's own interface as the first client! (At least, I can't see how).

Is there a simple solution to this, or should I be looking at Avahi/Zeroconf? I have very little understanding of those so if people think they could be the right solution I need a couple of hints to narrow my research please.

Note, these shared files are text files not media files, in case it makes a difference.


kentyler 01-27-2009 04:10 PM

Just use manual access

set the windows machine up to use


then setup the linux machine to use


This will work perfect.

johncc 01-28-2009 09:18 AM

Hi Ken.. thanks for the suggestion, but the problem is that the end-user may plug this box into networks where DHCP is available, or they may try and link it directly to another single PC where no DHCP is available. I need it to work in both situations automatically, ideally without user intervention. Configuring network settings by hand is definitely out, although switching profiles or starting and/or stopping a daemon would be OK (I've created a text menu system for them).

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